Our Textile Mill

Whether you’re purchasing fabrics from our in-stock program or whether you need a custom fabric, our textile mill has the technology, solutions, and experts in textile engineering to help you achieve your brand or garment goals.


What kinds of Fibers do we use?
Tru-Pima CottonTru-Pima Cotton
CottonTru-Pima Cotton
ModalTru-Pima Cotton
TencelTru-Pima Cotton
ViscoseTru-Pima Cotton
Recycled PolyesterTru-Pima Cotton


What Kinds Of Fabrics Can We Make?
Jersey or Single JerseyTru-Pima Cotton
InterlockTru-Pima Cotton
PiqueTru-Pima Cotton
RibTru-Pima Cotton
French TerryTru-Pima Cotton
FleeceTru-Pima Cotton
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